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Benefits. Why you need this
✓ Easy annotation indoors / outdoors / while travelling!

✓ Enhanced and organised reading experience
✓ 2 IN 1, refillable sticky flags & pen loops
*Includes Case, sticky flags & pen loops.
* Flag refills also available on Amazon.

Reviews. What other customers think.

Me and bestie just love this bookish invention
"The strength of the magnets and the amount of refills just makes it so much worth it. I love that I can read my book, even a hard cover, annotate, highlight, and flag without having to keep track of my supplies. It was the best decision that I got one for my bestie, and she loves it too!"

Greta L / Verified Customer

Very impressed with the size and built of this!
"I wasn't sure the size I wanted but just went for the larger one. To my surprise it even fits on my smallest book. I have attached it to The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I will add a photo here. I'll be buying these as gifts in future, so cool!"

Brian L / Verified Customer

I thought its a bit overpriced, but I've changed my mind.
"This was a bit too much for annnotation kit. I got it with the new year discount and now I understand what all the hype is about. I thought I might hate having something on the cover under my hands but its so thin and almost not noticable after couple uses. I do like that I got so many tabs that I probablly can't finish in a lifetime lol.
Melissa M / Verified Customer

Best gift I recieved, great for college
"My mom sent this to me as a Christmas present. It was supposed to be delivered on Christmas but they emailed the delays and helped to send direcltly to my college campus. Christine was very helpful with the proccess. 5 star for customer service.
It is very practical and makes studying quite effecient. Also love its so easy to move between classes without leaving my stuff behind."
Kathy B / Verified Customer

I'm sooo glad I bought this
"I needed this so much in my life. Knew the moment I saw it. It feels really premium quality and the magnets are also super strong. Tried on hardcovers its perfect for them too. Love love love!!!

Martha H / Verified Customer

I keep it in front of my current bookclub read
"Magnets are VERY strong to hold everything without slipping, slim enough not to take up extra space in my bag."

Giorgio C / Verified Customer

Very useful tool for anyone who annotates their books
"I'm using the bigger one to review some books lately and it is very handy to have all of the stationery on the book. Highly recommend"

Ryan S
/ Verified Customer

This is the best invention ever
"Whoever made this is def a genius. I bought the large one and it so handy. I need to always write and mark almost every page to concentrate in the book. It also helps me read faster as i am not bouncing around whilst annotating."
Diana G / Verified Customer

Bought this for my daughter's birthday
"This was the best birthday gift for her. And obviously she loves it so much that she has it attached at all times on her book, literlly everywhere haha. Very happy with this decision!

Karen A / Verified Customer

Best tool to annotate on vacations
"I went with kids to Europe this summer and this tool came in so handy on flights and in hotel. Simple, unique and awesomly conveninet. I just wish there was space to hold more than 4 pens"

Kathryn A / Verified Customer

The perfect the marking tool for nerds like me
"The only regret is that I wish I found this sooner. I bought a few more to give to my firends."

Miggie H / Verified Customer

I really like the Max version, it is perfect for my annoation needs!
"It is legit the best thing I ever spent my money on! I can finally keep my pens and sticky notes in one place while I read. No more losing my spot or forgetting where I put my pens. If you're into annotating your books like me, you gotta get one!"

Anna G / Verified Customer

Annotate Anywhere

Imagine the freedom of being able to read anywhere and annotate your favorite moments, quotes, emotional passages or words without worrying about your supplies.





We want to ehnace your reading experience. The last thing we want is to create more stress in your life, so if you decide this item is not for you we'll be happy to give you a no-hassle, no-questions-asked 100% refund.

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Customer Reviews

Be the first to write a review