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MagTote Max

The ONLY pen holder that magnetically attaches to both, Paperback & Hardcover.

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- Holds upto 5 big or 7 small pens
- Front pocket to hold sticky notes, tabs etc.
- Inside back pocket to hold important documents.
- Easy access anywhere, in meetings or kitchen fridge
- Saves time, no more lost supplies

ONLY Supply Holder That's Perfect For Paperbacks Too!

The innovative magnetic supply holder that defies limitations. With its magnetic attachment and bookmark-like design, it seamlessly works on any size of paperback, hardcover book, or journal. Say goodbye to restrictions and hello to versatile organization with MagTote Max!

Strong & Secure Grip

Experience unparalleled durability with MagTote Max's N52 airplane-grade magnets, ensuring a firm grip on hardcover books. Our rubber protective sheets also shield your cherished books from any potential damage.

Slim Design, Big Convenience

The ultimate supply holder for journals and book lovers. With its durable suede material, multiple pockets, and unique magnetic attachment, it's the perfect companion for organized reading on the go. Say goodbye to bent covers and hello to effortless organization with MagTote Max!

Unlimited Functionality

Inner pocket—ideal for stashing small documents, sticky pads, or notes.
Keep essentials close at hand wherever you go.

Need Some Minimalistic ones?
No Problem!


- Magnetically attaches
- Holds upto 2 big or 3 small pens

- Easy access anywhere, in meetings or kitchen fridge
- Saves time, no more lost supplies

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- Magnetically attaches
- Available in Metal and Plastic
- Elegant and Durable Design
- Holds up to 2 pens

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