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Unique MarkPods Pro Benefits
✔ Reusable Case
✔ 2 Pen and Pencil Loops
✔ Magnetically attaches
Doesn't bleed on Thin Bible pages
✔ 2 Cap-less Highlighters (Yellow and Pink)
✔ 80 Sticky Flags with Dispenser (2 colors x 40 flags)

Don't just take our words for it...

"Perfect highlighters. I love the vibrant and bright colors, and also the high transparency."

"Rubber sheet and magnet is good, it does not slip on my book, I recommend"

"I wanted highlighters for bible that wouldn’t bleed. It goes on smooth and doesn’t seem to smear."

"It was my second time ordering from these guys and everything was just as good as the first time."

After great success of MarkPods, we heard you and upgraded MarkPods with Flags and Loops

About MarkPods Pro

✔ 1 Reusable case
✔ 2 Cap-less Highlighters
✔ 80 Sticky Flags: 40 Flags x 2 Colors
✔ 2 Pen Loops
🎁 Premium Gift Packaging

- Fits on smallest of books
- Weighs 0.08 lbs or 40 grams only
- Perfect for color coding
- No bleed ink formula
- Textbooks, paperback and hardcovers
- Fluorescent, easy to read, bright colors

- Chisel tip for broad highlighting, fine underlining, or writing notes


Light weight and Slim Profile

The slim profile allows it to attach to any size of book

2 Color Flags with Dispenser

Different colors to perfectly mark your text for easy and fast retention.

Chisel Tip

1mm + 5mm, molded chisel tip works well whether you're highlighting or underlining.

Pen Loop

2 Pen and Pencil Loops to attach your favorite writing tools.



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Express and insured worldwide delivery. All orders are shipped on the next day.

Within the US, delivery in 3-7 business days.
Worlwide, 5-10 business days.

3. Start Color Coding

Attach instantly and enjoy the convenience of no lids and never leaving your flags and markers behind.


How can I buy more highlighters and Flags?

Since the case/holder is reusable, you only need to buy more highlighters and Flags once they run out. They are always avaialble on our website.

Can MarkPods be used on thin Paperbacks?

Yes, MarkPods can be used on any size Paperbacks or Hardcovers. They weigh less than 0.08 lbs or 40 grams only.

Can it fit on small books?

Yes, MarkPods is 13cm or 5.1in long. Average small books are anywhere between 17-22cm long.

Can I use them in my Bible?

Yes. We use ink formula that resists bleeding.

Does the case come off the book?

Yes, the case has magnets installed, making it quick and easy to clasp or unclasp on any type of book.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders above $50.

What are delivery times? (Within US or Outside US)

All orders are shipped on the same/next day.
Within the US, delivery in 3-7 business days. Outside the US, 5-10 business days.

What are the Return and Refund policy?

We provide a no questions asked, 30 day money back gurantee. You can basically use MarkPods for 30 days before making a decison.

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